Successful Real Estate Marketing – PowerHouse Membership Options

Successful Real Estate Marketing – PowerHouse Membership Options

What are the PowerHouse Membership Options, and Why Do I Need One?

When it comes to successful Real Estate Marketing, it’s important to choose the best option for you and your business. It’s often the case that you are presented with so many options but aren’t sure which one would work best for you. Do you use your PowerHouse Package individually? Or should you sign up for a real estate marketing membership? Let me ask you a couple of questions. 

Are you looking for the most cost-efficient solution for your marketing needs?

Do you want the most “bang-for-your-buck”?

If that sounds like you, one of our real estate marketing membership options could be what you’re looking for!

We have two different membership options, Suite Start and Suite Leader. Both memberships allow you to activate unlimited listings. Let me show you the differences between the different levels of memberships we offer.


PowerHouse Package Membership Options


Real Estate Marketing Membership - PowerHouse Package


Suite Start

With the Suite Start membership, which is $29.99 per month, you get all of the amazing benefits and marketing tools you’ve come to expect from Collabra Technology. That includes the custom listing website for all of your listings, mobile tours, syndication, and more! 

It also provides you a Classic Flashcard Listing Video for your properties, which is a $14.99 value PER listing!


Suite Leader

With the Suite Leader membership, which is $49.99 per month, you’ll get everything you see in Suite Start. However, instead of getting just the Classic Flashcard for each listing, you get access to ALL FOUR versions of our Flashcards for your listings! 

That means you can have a Just Listed, Sold, Open House, and Classic Flashcard for each listing, which saves you $60 PER listing!

With the Suite Leader, you also get access to TourFactory Voice. This is a 1-800 number and a code that is assigned to each of your listings. You can use this code and number in your marketing, such as on rider signs, flyers, wherever you’d like!

Potential buyers can call or text this number, enter the code, and they’ll be read the property description of the listing. It also sends them a text message with the link to your property website! When someone requests information from that number, you’re notified so that you can follow up on the hot lead!

Learn more about TourFactory Voice here.

The other amazing benefit of our Suite Leader membership is access to Proxio Connect for your listings. With Proxio Connect, your listings are automatically syndicated to the Proxio Connect global platform.

This is a business-to-business networking platform where other Real Estate Agents who are members of Proxio Connect can see and share your listing with their clients. This helps you market your listings worldwide without you having to lift a finger!

Learn more about Proxio Connect here

Pro-Tip: Use your Flashcard Listing Video to market your listings on social media! Square videos beat landscape videos on social, attracting up to 35% more views and 100% more engagement. Learn more about using our Flashcard Videos here.

That Sounds Great, But What Does It Mean For Me?


Bottom line, this means that either of our Real Estate marketing membership options SAVE YOU MONEY! That’s what we’re all here for, right? We want to make sure that you are able to market your listings to the best of your abilities, and you want to make sure you’re partnering with a platform that allows you to do so with ease in the most cost-efficient way possible. Look no further!

Our memberships do not have a contractual obligation and are billed monthly. There’s nothing to lose when you give one of our monthly memberships a try! 

Want to save even more? We do have an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP option. Annual subscribers get one-month FREE when they pay for the year.


Sign up for a membership today! Click the button below to purchase.




Please Note: You not need a membership in order to use Collabra Technology’s services. You can pay-per-listing and you’ll receive many of the benefits that you’ve come to expect from us, such as the custom listing website, mobile tour, syndication, and more.

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Successful Real Estate Marketing with the Custom Agent Website

Successful Real Estate Marketing with the Custom Agent Website

What is a Custom Agent Website and Why Do I Need One?



The days of bulky listing and inventory packets are over! When people are choosing their Real Estate professional, they’re looking for innovative and tech-savvy agents who can help them get their listing sold quickly and for the best price. They want to see what you can do for them, in one place, with ease.

Collabra Technology will help with this! Using the listing websites you already created in your account, you can put together a FREE custom agent website with just a few clicks! Even better, sharing the site is as easy as copy and paste!

Custom Agent Website

First, you’ll navigate to go to your “My Account” portal within the TourFactory website. Next, you’ll see an option on the left-hand side for “Agent Website Customization”. Within here, you’ll customize your color scheme, fill out your “About Me” section, select if you’d like all of your listings (active and sold) to show, and much more! Your listings will automatically populate onto your custom agent website based on your selections.

Also, you get an instantly-updating URL that you can use on your social media pages, on your website, sending directly to your clients, or wherever you want! 98% of the younger generations started their house-hunting search online, according to NAR. Make sure that you’re building your brand and being seen with help from Collabra Technology!

Pro-Tip: Purchase a custom domain name to brand your Custom Agent Website even more! Learn more about custom domain names and their importance in marketing here.

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Successful Real Estate Marketing with the Sold FlashCard Listing Video

Successful Real Estate Marketing with the Sold FlashCard Listing Video

I Have My Sold FlashCard Listing Video. Now What?


It’s a common misconception that you need active listings in order to market yourself as a Real Estate agent. While having an active listing is nice, you can use your sold listings to build your business and promote brand awareness. Use your hard work to your advantage! You already have that listing in TourFactory, and you’ve marked it as Sold. Now, use the Sold FlashCard listing video to post on social media to bring in more clients!

77% of realtors actively use social media for their marketing. Also, 47% of real estate businesses note that social media results in the highest quality leads versus other sources. We can attribute this to the sheer quantity of individuals, especially of the younger generations, who actively use social media in their everyday life.

People who don’t even realize they’re looking to sell their current home, or purchase a new home, might come across your posts and have that “a-ha” moment. Even if they’re not ready to sell just then, staying consistent with posting can help you build your brand, as your name will stick with them in their memory for when they are ready.

Sold Listing Video

Pro-Tip: If you haven’t downloaded your Sold FlashCard listing video, click here for instructions on how to do so. Once it’s saved, you can create a post on your preferred social media platform! Click here for more information on that process. 

According to a study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the top social media platforms most Realtors use. These platforms have millions of users who log in every day, the potential is amazing!
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Successful Real Estate Marketing with the Inventory Link Page

Successful Real Estate Marketing with the Inventory Link Page

Successful Real Estate Marketing with the Inventory Link Page


Do you have a Real Estate listing inventory site? One that contains all of your past, present, and pending listings? If not, you are missing out on an important part of successful Real Estate marketing.

The internet has become an integral tool in the home search process. Last year alone (2019), NAR deduced that 44% of individuals who started to look for a new home began their search online. Real Estate agents who don’t have a website are missing out on important marketing opportunities!

Beyond having a landing page that shows your contact information, it’s important to show your potential clients your previous work. For example, they want to know what can you do for their listing. What types of listings do you specialize in? How many listings have you sold? There’s so much that can be said with even a simple web page! You can anticipate the needs of your potential clients with a stunning landing page that is customized to you, your brand, and your business!

However, don’t worry if you don’t have a website set up yet! Collabra Technology provides you with a FREE Real Estate listing inventory page that you can use in your marketing. What’s even better is that all of your listings that you’ve done in TourFactory, active or sold, are imported into this site. No extra work required! What could be simpler than that?


Pro Tip: Read the National Association of Realtor’s “Real Estate in a Digital Age” research report for empowering information regarding how to navigate the ever-changing real estate market.


How Do I Get My Inventory Link Page?


First, you’ll want to navigate to your “My Account” page within TourFactory and select “Inventory Links”. Next, within this section, you’ll be able to copy your unique inventory link URL. Now you’ll be able to select if you’d like your current listings, sold listings, or both to display. I recommend adding both,  it adds additional content to your page. 

Real Estate Listing Inventory Page


After you’ve customized your settings to your liking, you can start marketing! With just a few clicks of your mouse, you’ve created a stunning Real Estate Listing Inventory page that can take your marketing above and beyond the competition!

Together, we’ve learned that the Inventory Link page that Collabra Technology provides is a perfect tool for sending to prospective clients to show what you’ve done in the past and how you can help market their listings using TourFactory technology. You can use this link within emails, text messages, on social media, the sky’s the limit!


Here’s a quick look to show you what your page could look like:

Real Estate Listing Inventory Page


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Successful Real Estate Marketing with the PowerHouse Package

Successful Real Estate Marketing with the PowerHouse Package

Successful Real Estate Marketing with the PowerHouse Package


As a real estate agent, marketing your listings in a successful way that gets your clients’ attention can be difficult. You’re juggling so many things as an agent, it’s hard to imagine adding yet another thing to your plate. However, Collabra Technology wants to set you up for success with an all-encompassing product called the PowerHouse Package which can help you easily and efficiently market your listings virtually.

NAR previously put out a report stating that 48% of buyers ages 39 to 63 found virtual tours and property websites “very useful” in their search. This is HUGE, as you’ve already set yourself up for success by creating your TourFactory property website. Now, it’s time to maximize the number of people who will see your listing by sharing it. This means going beyond putting the link on your MLS listing for syndication. It’s time to market your listing by posting it on social media!


I Have My PowerHouse Package. What Do I Do Now?


If you already have your PowerHouse Package set up, congratulations! You’ve accomplished the hardest part. Now, you might be wondering what you’ll do with it.

Pro Tip: If you don’t already have it set up, click here for instructions on how to do so.

How Do I Share My PowerHouse Package on Social Media?


The PowerHouse Package makes it simple to share your listing to your socials directly from your property site. You can share to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn by clicking the corresponding icon in the social share section. 

Successful Real Estate Marketing

This is how it looks when you share your listing on Facebook

Successful Real Estate Marketing

And here is how it looks when you share your listing on Twitter

Successful Real Estate Marketing

Wonder what it looks like when you share your listing on LinkedIn? Peep below!

Successful Real Estate Marketing

How about when you share your listing on Pinterest? I got you covered 😅

Successful Real Estate Marketing

If you’d like to share your property site elsewhere besides the options listed above, you can simply take your branded link and share anywhere links are accepted! Those who see your post will be able to share, comment, and like which will help boost your social media stats AND help sell your listing!

Not only does sharing on social media help promote your current listings by putting them in front of more potential buyers, but it also builds your brand presence for the future – as now they can like your page and be updated when you post your next listing!

Pro Tip: Did you know that you can also boost posts on Facebook? Boosting a post may help you get more people to react, share and comment on it than what would have occurred organically. You may also reach new people who are likely interested in your Page or business, but don’t currently follow you. Click here to see how! 

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