These are the core statements and values that are the foundation of Collabra Technology.

We Do the Right Thing

We know it can sometimes be tempting to take shortcuts or focus on immediate but less desirable short-term results. Doing the right thing takes time, consideration and an understanding of who we are and what we’re trying to accomplish.  It means never losing sight of the forest from the trees. Simply put, we do the right thing — even when it’s challenging.

We Respect Each Other

We are not human resources. We are humans. We work to achieve a common goal through meaningful interactions, we lift each other up with a positive spirit, and we support one another with kindness and honesty. We see the big picture and understand how every team member contributes to our success. Great strength comes from investing in each other and working together while appreciating and embracing our diversity.

We Appreciate Our Customers

Delighting our customers is our guiding light.  It motivates us every day. We aim to enrich the professional lives of our customers through innovative technology products and services that we are proud to stand behind. At the end of the day, we smile when our customers smile.

We are Growth-Focused

We foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth.  We are a place to innovate and to find ways for personal and professional development. We actively encourage new learning opportunities, both within the company and outside. We learn, change, grow and we believe in the worth of ourselves and others.

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