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Collabra Technology’s multilingual, collaborative marketing and sales platform empowers brokerages, builders, and property developers to present and promote properties globally.
Collabra provides a brand-customized B2B2C platform that’s ready to host property information and rich media; generate personalized digital marketing materials and social media tools; present properties and market reports to sales teams or consumers anywhere in the world; and deliver leads and analytics in real time.

the showcase platform

a faster, more profitable way to sell real estate

how does it work?

One platform can create thousands of sales channels.

 A simple per-property monthly hosting fee allows an unlimited number of users — your own sales team or outside agents — to promote and share any property on the platform with automatically personalized marketing materials.

collaborative sales

Salespeople actively promote any network listing, extending marketing reach to include the power of a global sales force.

brand control

Any business or sales team can create a branded product display within a defined professional network.

data-driven decisions

Real-time analytics show views and shares, capture leads, and measure your results.

rich visual media

Access and manage high-res photography, video, VR, 3D virtual tours and more.

real-time responsiveness

Manage media, content, price, and analytics – all in one place, at your convenience.

system integration

Collabra integrates seamlessly with your existing information systems and CRM, so every lead receives prompt attention.

Discover how Collabra can multiply your sales force.

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