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Your FlashCard™ NOW! showcases listing photos from your MLS in a 30-second looping video that promotes you as the listing agent. Share on social media, in email, and via text message! ONLY $9.99!

FlashCards NOW! automatically turns listing photos into a 30-second loopable video

Online video viewing is on the rise for all adults, not just millennials

Posts that contain video get shared an average of 12x more on Facebook

FlashCards take up 78% more screen space than a widescreen video – so your listings get noticed

FlashCards Listing Videos can increase email click-through rates by 200 – 300%

Send a FlashCard via text message for a more personal experience outside of social media

Only $9.99

Products such as custom FlashCards NOW! are considered final sales and will not be eligible for return / exchange.

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